Using WundaSmart System

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How to setup scheduling?

To set up your smart schedule, first make sure you are happy with the preset temperatures for that particular room.

  1. Copy the Scheduling to chosen Room
  2. Copy the Scheduling from chosen Room
  3. Adaptive start - Here you have the choice of turning on Adaptive Start. This will learn your room’s heat up times and take it into account, starting early to achieve your scheduled temperature by the beginning of the scheduled time.
  4. Day Scheduling

How to Setup the Scheduling?

  1. Click on the room you wish to set a schedule for and click on or scroll across to ‘Schedule
  2. To set up your Schedule, simply press on the day (D) you wish to add heating periods to.

  3. Now select Add (D), and choose a preset temperature and a start and an end point for the heating period.
  4. Repeat this process to add more heating periods.
  5. Once you are happy with your schedule for that day, you can select Copy (E), to copy it across the other days of the week.
  6. You can switch between days with arrows (A)
  7. The bargraph (B) shows scheduling timeblocs

How to set Scheduling timeblock?

  1. Here (A) you can see what preset temperature was chosen
  2. (B), (C), (D), (E) - temperatured definefd for the room. Choose one which you want to set for timeblock
  3. Here (F) you can set when the scheduling block should start
  4. Here (G) you can set when the scheduling block should start
  5. Click Save to confirm changes or Cancel to return

 We deliberately chose to develop a system that gives you the power over your schedule and is easy to adapt to any kind of lifestyle, whether you have a strict routine or work from home and go with the flow.

Remember – that during a heating period, WundaSmart is only trying to achieve your desired temperature and modulates on and off to use as little energy as possible. If you schedule a 4 hour period at 20 degrees, WundaSmart will only heat when necessary to achieve that, allowing you to make use of natural heat via solar gain or room occupancy.

Copy and Paste!

Top Tip - If your schedule is similar for all the rooms you regularly use, just simply set up one room’s 7-day schedule and then copy to the others. And then setup a schedule for a room you rarely use, (maybe it’s mostly ‘off) then copy that to the other rooms you rarely use as well. Then adjust as you go.


What Temperature should I use?

We have set some default temperatures for you to get started. We recommend you use these to begin with and then adjust them up or down depending on your personal preference.

17°C Reduced
19°C Eco
21°C Comfort