Using WundaSmart System

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Room Settings

A. Room name

Here you can change the room name

Pre-defined temperature

Here you can personalise your pre-set temperatures for each individual room. You can preset three temperatures:

B. Reduced

C. Eco

D. Comfort

E. Open Window

This function helps you save more energy, it automatically turns your heating off when your WundaSmart devices sense a drop in temperature in your room and will cancel the heating in the room for a certain amount of time. The default setting is to cancel heat for 20 minutes when your devices sense a drop of 0.6 degrees, if you wish - you can change these values in your settings.

F. Child Lock

Here you can set a child lock, which will make all the smart devices that are paired to the room or zone temper proof and block manual control until you turn off the child lock.


G. Radio Devices

Here you can see a list of the devices you have paired to the room and adjust individual device settings.

H. Advanced Parameters

These settings should only be necessary to access when installing your system. This section is where you pair your room to the correct heating channel in your HubSwitch, or if you have underfloor heating – it is where you can configure your room to your WundaSmart Connection Box channels.