Using WundaSmart System

A Support Hub for all things Wunda Smart, from our Resource Library to our FAQs and more!

System Settings

A. About

This page shows you general information you may need if you ever need to do some troubleshooting. Here you can view your Device Serial Number, Software and Hardware versions. You can change your Date and Time Zones and view your WiFi status.

B. Device System Settings

Here you will find information about your device settings. Such as your HubSwitch, UFH Connection Box and Radiator Heads.

C. Boost

This is where you can configure your boost buttons. Choose which rooms / hot water you want to assign to which button and choose how long the boost will last for. You can also see if the boost buttons current status to see if it has been activated or not and activate it if you wish.

D. Mode Options

Here you can personalise and configure all of the ‘modes’ the app offers.

E. Open Therm

When WundaSmart is connected to your boiler using Opentherm, you can set the temperature of the water you use for your Hot Water and Heating as well as seeing the current operating temperature. 

F. Devices

Here you are shown a list of devices and their locations. You can also identify a device if it has been moved from the room it was originally paired with. You can also add a new device Smart Switch or Connection Box.

G. Transfer Code

This function is for transferring ownership of a system to a different use. This is useful when an installer has set up everything for the user and needs to transfer ownership. Note: Once the system is transferred, you will no longer have access to the system.

H. Share

If you are the system Owner or are an Admin, here you can share the system with another user and assign their privileges.