Using WundaSmart System

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Mode options


A. Adaptive Mode Function

Choose which rooms have Adaptive mode enabled and the maximum amount of time you will allow the system to start early by.

B. Radiator Head Mode

This is mainly for troubleshooting if you want to see if you have a faulty TRV valve. You can choose between: ‘operating mode (all)’ – which is the usual working mode. ‘Test Open (all)’ – which will open all of your WundaSmart Radiator Heads. ‘Test Close (All)’ – which will close all of your WundaSmart Radiator Heads.

C. Holiday Mode

Here you can turn on holiday mode and schedule a period of time for WundaSmart to pause your heating and hot water schedules until the end date. It will revert to antifreeze settings. If for any reason you want to turn on your heating or hot water during a holiday period, you can boost either for a period of time using the app.

D. Open Window Detection Mode

This function helps you save more energy, it automatically turns your heating off when your WundaSmart devices sense a drop in temperature in your room and will cancel the heating in the room for a certain amount of time. The default setting is to cancel heat for 20 minutes when your devices sense a drop of 0.6 degrees, if you wish - you can change these values in your settings.

E. System Mode

Here you can turn off your heating entirely and set your antifreeze temperature, which is defaulted to 7 degrees.