Using WundaSmart System

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Open Therm

When WundaSmart is connected to your boiler using Opentherm, you can set the temperature of the water you use for your Hot Water and Heating as well as seeing the current operating temperature.

As well as a higher level of control within your boiler, when you connect using Opentherm the WundaSmart app will also alert you if there are any errors or problems with your boiler.

Heating and Opentherm



Here you can set the temperature for your heating system (control setpoint). This screen shows that the setpoint (D) is 68°C.

The boiler has been heating, indicated by the flame icon (B).

It shows the current temperature is actually at 67°C (A).

So the boiler now is using 66% energy and is working (C).

Hot Water and Opentherm

When you have connected your WundaSmart system via Opentherm, you can see the setpoint for your hot water (top left). You can also see the actual current temperature that is being used (top right). In this screen you will notice that the current temperature is higher than the setpoint. This could be due to either a time delay, where the previous setpoint was higher and now it will take some time for the water to cool down to 45 degrees C. Or, it could be that you have used all the water in your hot water tank and now your heating system is using some water from your central heating water, which is at a higher temperature.