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How to choose Radiator Head Adaptors?

Wunda Smart Radiator Head is only compatible with thermostatic radiator valves. (TRV)
Smart Radiator Head fits on any M30x1.5” radiator valve body thread.
You can mount the device on many more valve types with an adapter which could be ordered on demand.

M30x1.5” radiator TRV valve

no adapter needed

34 mm with 4 Adapter Notches

fits to: Danfoss RAV valve

Thread M28x1.5” to M31x1.5”

fits to: Comap, Hertz, Terrier, Siemens, Olymp, Markardys, Pont a Mousson, Remagg, Sam bzw. Slovarm, Remagg, TA, Arco

No thread 20 mm bow. 23 mm with 4 notches

fits to: Danfoss RA valve