Installing and setting up WundaSmart System

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Floor temperature sensor instructions


  • Do not cut the probe to length even if you think it is too long. This will cause incorrect readings.
  • If the cable needs to be extended, it is possible to be extended to a maximum length of 20 metres.
    • To do this you will need to use CAT 5 FTP.
    • Use 1 of the four twisted cable pairs.
    • Connect to the two terminals on the end of the probe, using solder or a connection block. 
  • When using the 3m cable, run 1.5 metres down the wall and 1.5 metres into the floor
  • Ensure that the head of the probe is in contact with the floor finish it is protecting and away from pipe work, aluminium conductors and not buried deep in the screed as these will not give a true representation of the heat of the floor finish it’s protecting. 
  • If you are locating the probe on a WundaTherm panel, cut and peel the aluminium foil in a small area for a safe spot for the probe. 

Connecting to thermostat

Square stat

    • Terminals 1 and 3, polarity does not matter and the wires will work either way.

Screenless stat

    • Connect the probe to the two available terminals.

 Setting up in the app.

  • Open your app
  • Select settings in the room you wish to connect the probe to.
  • Select radio devices and click on the thermostat you wish to connect the probe to.
  • Select external sensor in the menu and choose ‘active’.
  • Click save
  • Return to the settings for your room.
  • Choose advanced parameters
  • Now find floor probe limit and floor probe hysteresis.
    • Floor probe limit is set to 27 by default which is the industry standard, but please check with your flooring manufacturer for their recommendation. 
    • Floor probe hysteresis is set to 5 degrees by default – this means that the floor heating circuit in that room will be disabled until the probe detects the floor has cooled by 5 degrees from the limit.

 Trouble shooting

  • If you are regularly experiencing probe notifications in the app - then this could be solved by the following:
    • Check the physical flow temperature setting on your manifold is no higher than 40 – 45 degrees.
    • Check the location of the probe as per above instructions. It should not be buried in screed or touching a heat emitter (pipe) or conductor (aluminium) and should be located in contact with the underside of the surface it is protecting.