WundaSmart User Guide

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What’s the most efficient way to use my heating.

The first thing to remember is, every situation is different and depends on a number of variables. For instance; windows, insulation, heat source, occupants.

The best thing about WundaSmart is that it’s packed with tools to help you efficiently use your heating, regardless of your situation.

In traditional Central Heating systems, radiators use water heated to 70-90 degrees Celsius. So if you’re heating every radiator every time you want the heating on in one room, that’s a lot of waster hot water and money!

As a general rule for efficiency, we advise people to run their boiler at as low a temperature as possible, as little as possible. The rest of this guide will show you how WundaSmart can help you achieve that on a room by room basis!

Keep your doors closed

Heat likes to travel to colder spaces. Now you are heating one room at a time - keeping your doors closed will help you keep the heat in the room you want it.

If you want to heat your whole home at the same time, it’s far more efficient to heat all the rooms on at once (using our Quick Switch), with doors closed and radiators working in each room. Rather than having all the doors open and only one radiator heating, with the heat immediately being lost to colder rooms.

Pre-Defined Temperatures

For quick and easy changes WundaSmart has 3 predefined temperatures which are used throughout the whole system.

  • Blue - Reduced 
  • Green - Eco 
  • Red - Comfort

You can quickly change a rooms temperature using these presets from the main ‘rooms’ menu. These presets are also used to set schedules throughout the day.

  • Blue - Reduced - 17°C
  • Green - Eco - 19°C
  • Red - Comfort - 21°C