WundaSmart User Guide

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WundaSmart Devices Energy Saving Nature

Sleeping devices

Our Devices are made to save energy, our Smart Thermostats and Smart Radiator Heads rest in standby mode during a 5 minute window. They then wake up if they haven’t sensed any major change to check the temperature, if there is a change it will communicate it and it will update in your App. This saves a great deal of battery life and keeps your WundaSmart devices working for longer.

WundaSmart modulates, and what that means...

WundaSmart’s modulating technology means you are in safe hands when it comes to accurately monitoring temperature and keeping your bills as low as possible.

When you set a heating period, your smart thermostat and smart radiator heads monitor the current room temperature and only injects heat when necessary, to ensure that your room stays near the set temperature and you use as little energy as possible to achieve it.

Adaptive Start

This function saves you guessing your room heat up time and turning on the heating early. WundaSmart tracks your room heat up time over a number of days and takes it into account for it’s next heating period.

If you want to be warm at 7am for an hour when you wake up, adaptive start will ensure your room is up to temperature for 7am! Then WundaSmart’s Modulating nature will ensure you aren’t just pumping heat into the room for an hour, but maintaining the desired temperature.