WundaSmart User Guide

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Common approaches to using WundaSmart

1. A Planned Schedule Start with your bedrooms.

Maybe you want your bedrooms to be warm for when you wake up and get ready in the morning and then before you go to bed at night? So start off scheduling 1 hour in the morning and maybe 1 hour in the evening. You can use more or less time if you find your room needs it.

If you don’t regularly use them again throughout the day, don’t schedule any heat.

If you have guest rooms that aren’t used then you don’t need to schedule heat for them. Be aware that these rooms can become quite cold in the winter and you should keep the doors close to prevent them drawing warmth from areas you do use.

- Bathrooms

You should treat your bathrooms the same as you treat your bedrooms, only heat them when you know you will want them to be warm, otherwise turn them off!

- Your Reception Rooms & Kitchen

Have a think about how and when you use these rooms, breakfast, lunch, dinner, TV at night - and schedule accordingly.

2. No schedule

For those who only want heat when they need it, a no schedule approach might be best. Only calling for heat via the app or manually when you want it.

3. Set a Schedule and set up Geo-Fencing

For users who’s routine is unpredictable, setting an ideal schedule for the day and then setting up automated Geo-Fencing in the app (see page 14) to pause and resume the schedule is very useful.

4. Manual Use and Scheduling

Now you have your schedule set up, when you just need a little more heat, you can simply open your app and change the temperature for the amount of time you want.

Depending on your choice of devices you can change the temperature from your Smart Thermostat, Smart Radiator Head, or your HubSwitch.