Using WundaSmart System

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How WundaSmart regulates temperature?

Your WundaSmart system uses a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) algorithm in its radiator heads to regulate the flow of hot water into the room. When controlling a UFH system, the thermostats work with an ON/OFF algorithm and the UFH actuators regulate the flow of water into the UFH loop.

The WundaSmart Radiator Head regulates the flow of water into the radiator, to keep the room at its set temperature and result in as few overshoots of temperature as possible. It is impossible to always keep the room at the set temperature due to many variables, such as an open door, open window or a new person in the room.

The WundaSmart Radiator Head may also open a percentage and ask for heat when the room is at the set temperature, this is due to it detecting that the temperature is dropping, so it will call for heat from the boiler to slow or stop the drop in temperature in the room.

The WundaSmart Radiator Head uses this PID algorithm rather than an open close ON/OFF algorithm to maximise energy efficiency. If the Radiator Head used an ON/OFF algorithm, it would result in large overshoots in temperature and large drops, which would in turn need more energy from the boiler to constantly bring the temperature back up to the setpoint. This is also why the radiator head might call for heat even when your thermostat reads the correct temperature. If it only injected heat once the temperature was below the setpoint, the load would be heavier on the boiler and use more energy.