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Battery replacement in the Square Thermostat

Batteries Required: 2 x AA alkaline batteries (LR6)

It is forbidden to recharge exhausted non rechargeable batteries!

Typical Lifespan: 10 - 24 months (depending on usage)

To check the battery status, navigate to Room -> Settings.

wunda click settings

Look for the tab labeled "Radio Device Settings" where you will find an icon displaying the battery condition.

Wunda Home battery level

If a battery replacement is required, you will receive an alert. The alert icon will appear at the top right corner, and clicking on it will display information about the specific device and location where the issue was identified.

When changing the batteries, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Use only the specified battery type for your device model.
  • Avoid mixing different battery types.
  • Do not combine old and new batteries.
  • Replace all batteries simultaneously.
  • Ensure proper alignment of the positive (+) and negative (-) battery polarities with the corresponding symbols in the battery compartment.

When replacing batteries, be sure to dispose of used components properly. The battery must be removed from the control before it is scrapped. If a battery pack has leaking fluids, do not touch any fluids. Do not use a damaged battery. 

Battery replacement process:

  1. Access the Square Thermostat's battery compartment by pressing the button situated on the top side and removing it from backplate.

  1. Insert two AA batteries following the indicated orientation.

  1. Attach the Square Thermostat to backplate


  1. The battery icon in the application will be updated within 2 to 6 minutes.